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Hello everyone! I apologize for the delay in posting a blog! My beautiful baby girl was just born so I chose to take a little break until things settled down a bit. During that time, I began to think of the things i had not done and how silly my excuses were for those things. Why wait to set up a Will? It only allows you to prepare for the future. I’ve seen a number of situations were a Will was not complete and they were not pretty situations. You really get to see how people are when it comes to money. How about setting up an IRA? It doesn’t require much! Lunch money for two days out of the month. Thats right $25 dollars per month could allow you to have a nice sum for money for your children’s college fund. What about starting that business venture you’ve been thinking about? There is no such thing as a perfect moment. Perfection is an enemy to success – ask me, I’ve been a victim. This is in no way saying to not to be your best but, it’s refering to the obvious – stop being a coward! And never try anything but do it. Trying is failing with dignity! I heard this and it is true. We should always do things with the conscientiousness of succeeding or conquering. So, when you decide to not do begin something and change your mind ask yourself the question, “Why Wait?

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