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Which is more real Prosperity or Poverty

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Which is more real Prosperity or Poverty? If we were to look at the question at hand we would say obvious poverty! Right? What if I were to say that’s not true? Before we start looking at what we have in our pockets and what we own, lets take a look at the things we take for granted. The first thing that we see is that we always have air to breath. If we take a look at the tree’s, flowers, grass, and the animals they naturally reproduce and have food to eat without hesitancy. So nothing really lacks when it comes to nature. Nothing until we as human beings began tampering with the laws of nature, but that’s altogether another topic.

OK now lets look a little closer in our circle. It is said that every part of our bodies regenerates within seven years. The heart continues to beat and our lungs continue to take in oxygen and let out carbon dioxide. So over all we can say our bodies are pretty fruitful. Right? However, there is one part of our body that tends to go opposite of what we see in nature. It is the mind! And actually the mind is doing exactly what it has been told to do but bringing us what we really don’t want

We were given the responsibility to be fruitful and multiply in everything we do. However, there is a lot of information handed to us that contradicts the responsibility we were given.

The thought patterns many of us have developed are not what we were born with. As children growing up we often see contradicting thoughts take place through the people influencing us. For example, we are told anything you can imagine you can do, if you believe it you can achieve it and then we are told to face reality. A pattern has been developed basically saying you can dream and plan but don’t look for it to really happen. This or some other thought process have been to developed, taking us away from what we are suppose to be and do.

We can all see the problem but what’s the solution? Well, the only way we can change is by the renewal of our minds. This applies to every facet of our lives. The one thing that is common among the wealthy is that they all read. They read things that are going to change the way they think. The second part is they put in to action what they read. The bible says it like this faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word (instructions or direction) of God. Its also says that faith (trust) without works (you being or doing what you believe or trust in) is dead (has no life; is voided).

We have what we believe and think about. So if its poverty we think about we have it and if it wealth we have it. I believe that we all need to take a look at nature around us, first to be thankful, but then to see how that it doesn’t worry about being, it just is. Not convinced? need more information?Click Here to learn how to attract financial abundance!

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