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What To Do In A Recession?

HomeFocusWhat To Do In A Recession?

Have you ever wondered how those involved in a depression or famine survived?  Even with situations looking grim “according to the media”, there are those that keep their heads above water.  How do they do it?  That was my question. Well, I think this is the answer to that question. – Enjoy

P.S. Just so you know this was recorded in the 50’s
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  1. Ezekiel, This is amazing! I have been thinking that I might start posting about the “laws of attraction” and success, personal development, etc., and then you have a tape of Earle Nightengale (which I think are rare). Thanks! JJ 🙂

  2. Have you someone the tapescript of this emission? Unfortunately I understand a very little audio english, but I prefer the written textes. It’s for that I need the tapescript to understand this recorded.

    Thanks in advance.

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