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What Really IS Possible?

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“All things are possible to him that believes” – this means that whatever you’ve deemed as impossible is really possible the only thing its missing is belief. So dream big – block out liars which say it isn’t possible. If another human being has done something close to what you’ve dreamed, what makes it right for you to say I can’t?

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My name is Ezekiel Haynes and I am from the United States currently living in North Florida. The Reason for the Blog My reason for creating this blog is to share ideas that will encourage and also allow individuals like me to share concepts that have helped them become better individuals as they have faced challenges in their own business. Things I Love To Do Music Real Estate Technology

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  1. I say bring it on! I am usually not the type of psoern to harber bitterness. I’m pretty laid back but there is one psoern who I have always had trouble with. (actually a very close relative) Once I feel like I”m past a situtation, a new one pops up to take it’s place. (with the same psoern) Is there a difference in the forgiveness aspect compared to the trusting afterwards? Do you know what I mean? In Luke we are commanded to forgive 70×7. I understand. You don’t stop forgiving. But at what point do I remove myself from the situation entirely so as not expose myself (or my children) to the things this psoern does. If I desire to remove myself from that situation, am I not forgiving? Just some questions that I’ve been struggling with… Not necesarily asking you for an answer! 🙂

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