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What Are Are You Doing To Advance In This Current Economy?

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We are a species of repetition and change. We are consistently in a position to be or not be fruitful. However, 80% – 90% of us are still victims of this economy! Are we in a trance? I would have to say yes! Change is a huge step for most of us! What we tend to do most of our lives is void change. Well, Its change the helps us become the person we were created to be. Its the situation or hardship that will give us the tools to succeed in the next step towards our greater good.

Think about this, if you were to take the person you are today and place that person in what you deem to be your promise land, do you really think that person would survive with out being tested? I really don’t think so! Usually when we think we are ready to advance we really aren’t. Its the test/situation that lets us know when we are ready. However to go from test to test without any incentive or reward is a lot of frustration. So whats the solution? Well, I believe its your dream! Its the dream that help us to penetrate past all obstacles! Its the dreams that keeps us moving when others thought we would  have given up by now. We have to dream! I believe in most of our lives “Corporate America” has robbed us of this! Is it all their fault? Ultimately its our fault! We made the decision to work for whatever company we applied for. We willfully exchanged our time for the wage that was presented. Since we are responsible for that decision we have to again make the decision for change.

Just remember when your life is full of chaos, somethings pushing you towards change.

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