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Unforgiveness – What’s the big deal?

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Unforgiveness is one of those things we rarely hear about when it comes to money. However, it is the one thing that stops a lot of people from getting and maintaining wealth. Unforgiveness makes you a slave to the person you have it against. Think about it, when you are carrying the wrong someone has done to you, who suffers? Them or you? I’ve heard it put like this, bitterness is you drinking poison hoping that someone else dies. Well, you may ask, what does this have to do with money? Well, when you have unforgiveness against someone, it distorts your thinking and transmits wrong signals to what you want, putting what you desire further out of your reach.

Today, I have an exercise that I want you to do. Think about one situation, person, whatever, that you are holding in unforgiveness. Make a conscious effort to release it.

You have nothing to gain by keeping it! Let me know how you feel the following day practicing forgiveness. I really want you to try this! Drop me a line and keep me updated.

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