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The First Step to Success

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The first step to success, is mastering procrastination. Procrastination has stop more dreams than any other behavior. It’s one of the simplest steps when you think about. However, it does take a conscience effort to change.

One of the wealthiest places in the world, is your local cemetery. Because they are filled with people that left with their dreams on the inside of them. In order to change this behavior we must all began doing things when they come to our minds.

Regardless of any obstacles or excuses! I’m sure that in each of our lives, there is someone to blame for our failures. Well in reality, the person we see in the mirror each day deserves the blame. So to break the cycle, lets try doing something we have continually set aside – TODAY.

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3 thoughts on “The First Step to Success

  1. I agree. However, how do determine that it’s procrastination and not fear, or just being lazy? My understanding of procrastination, I could be wrong, is having something to do and nothing to keep you from completing it except to do it. Time is not a problem, nor is money. Or do you believe that fear and laziness should be included as a procrastination factor?

  2. Reshana, I understand your point, but can or should anything interfere with forward progress? Fear, laziness, lack of time, no money…all excuses. A wise man once said, “Excuses are tools of incompetence…”

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