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Sony Playstation 3 – A Less Expensive Blue-Ray DVD Player

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This is much more than a gaming system. Primarily, playing games is still the main function, but this system is clearly designed to do a lot more. From taking the place of your DVD player to enabling you to view pictures, play music, and watch YouTube videos on your TV , this is a system for the next generation.

The Design

The video game console itself is larger than the Xbox 360 but its chassis features nice curves and a great design . The touch-sensitive buttons are definitely a leap forward, and the PS3 supports up to seven Bluetooth controllers. Also, the system is backwards-compatible and will play all PS one and PS2 right out of the box.

Sony’s online service is completely free, letting you play head-to-head multiplayer and browse the Web without any add-on software or service upgrades.

The PS3 features 1080p HDMI output, so you’ll get the best resolution currently available on your HDTV. Graphically, this will be the console to beat, although launch games don’t look that much sharper than those for the Xbox 360. The PS3 doesn’t ship with an HDMI cable.

You can’t find a stand-along Blu-Ray DVD Player for the price of the PS3, so in those terms, it’s a bargain. But as far as video game consoles go, the Sony PlayStation3 is the most expensive–and most powerful of all the game systems.
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7 thoughts on “Sony Playstation 3 – A Less Expensive Blue-Ray DVD Player

  1. Sonny removed the ability to play PS2 games from the new 40GB PS3. They said, “Backward compatibility is a nice secondary consideration, but it’s far from the number-one priority.”

  2. Thanks for dropping by Wendy and Frank C! While a wonderful game system, I think they should offer some secondary device that would give the consumer the option of being Backward compatible.

  3. Nice post Zeke. But you know I still love my xbox 360…even though I have to purchase an add-on to play HD movies.

  4. The fact the ps3 plays Blue-ray swung me in the favour of the Sony console over Microsofts Xbox 360. The other factor was that the Xbox controller is so bulky! Eww!

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