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A proverb of Soloman says that “A person’s own folly is what ruins his way, but he rages in his heart against God.” Well, that eliminates God from being the blame. Maybe it’s my friends/family/enemys? That can’t be it either! Because when you look in the mirror they are no where to be found!  So where does your finger point?  Who really is the problem? Its you!! How many times have we listen to motivation speakers and never change? Is it the speaker? Maybe he/she didn’t tell you everything? It worked for them but, not for me because they didn’t grow up in the same class of society that I came from. Hmm? An excuse! Well, that type of thinking only works for this race of people. Yet another excuse!

We are the product of our current state of being. The residual of how we have thought has place us in the present situation we currently dwell. So how can I change? Stop blaming your current situation on other people and take responsibility for who or what you have become. You must possess the problem before you can truly get rid of it. You can’t get rid of anything you don’t possess. Once you have forgiven/released other people, forgive yourself. I find this to be the most complicated. Reason being, when someone does us wrong, we typically hold unforgiveness toward them but we also blame ourselves for being in the situation.

The creator of all things made us creatures of habit. Its been proven time and time again that it takes 30 days of constantly doing something uninterupted to form a new habit. If you can recall the life of Israel in the Torah, they had to constanly remind themselves of the commandments of God. And by them actually DOING them they experience a change of habits as well as a tremendous amount of blessing. So before we can start out there, we must start in ourselves.

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