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Hello Family and Friends! Whew (wipes sweat from my head) this has been a journey but its almost done. My CD Reflections will go public any day now and I can’t wait. Stop by my facebook fanpage and send some love – – Well, in the process I’ve been promoting a few other sites that I wanted to share. Some may be of interest to you and a few you may want to share with someone else. Either way let me know what you think!

I really appreciate everyone’s support and remarks concerning my music project. You can sign up for more information and secrets 😉 from my up and coming project at

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My name is Ezekiel Haynes and I am from the United States currently living in North Florida. The Reason for the Blog My reason for creating this blog is to share ideas that will encourage and also allow individuals like me to share concepts that have helped them become better individuals as they have faced challenges in their own business. Things I Love To Do Music Real Estate Technology

3 thoughts on “Sites That I Author Or Support

  1. Hi Ezekiel, I checked the thesecretchronicles and I liked the books that were featured there since I am quite interested about laws of life 😉

    I plan to purchase few books before Christmas. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Ezekielh, I checked out all of the sites that you had down. I especially enjoyed the essential oil site and have always had an interest in scents. In fact I have several scented geraniums that I’ve always wanted to make an oil out of, after watching the video (even though it might be a little tough) I think I may try doing a small batch.I was wondering however if that site sells the oils? I couldn’t find the right link…might just be me. Also enjoyed the last one on the secret chronicles as I think we all could learn so much from books and theories like those set forth. I’m also interested in purchasing your cd, I can’t wait to hear your music. I think you can learn a lot about a person from their music whether what they listen to or what they write about. Good luck with your cd sales btw. JJ

  3. Thank you so much JJ! Some of the post feature links to but at this point i haven’t setup a store. I personally buy oils from as a (use to be)distributor.

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