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PC Problems? Maybe you should consider Mac

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Lately I’ve been going through a technology high. Since the PC jr I have been an avid PC user. It didn’t matter what anyone had to say about an apple machine, I would always have the backbone, confidence or whatever to challenge any Mac user that PCs had the upper had. Since Intel’s partnership with Apple, I have not been able to develop a good fight. As a matter a fact I’ve kind of sided with Apple. I know, forgive me devout

MacBook Pro

PC users – I had to! 🙁 I’m really smiling on the inside! For every project I’ve had to do, the Mac has out performed any PC I’ve either brought or built. To prove it I tried everything from have the entire adobe suite open to running Steinberg Nuendo music workstation(using the windows XP OS) with a number of Vst plugins, and effect processors. It didn’t budge! As a matter of fact, the most monstrous PC I’ve ever had would have froze up with defeat. Needless to say I’m a Mac user for now! And to think, I did all this on a MacBook Pro!

That was just an introduction to talk about the iMac! This is Apple fourth generation iMac with brush aluminum, a nice slick look.
This machine being an all in one system, out performs my Macbook pro (the one I spoke about earlier), as well as any other computer.


And unlike most PC’s there is little or no clutter! So if you are in music production or a graphics designer and you haven’t purchase a Mac you will.

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