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Need Motivation For This So Called Recession?

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Motivation is something we can never get enough of! However the trick to motivation is learning how to motivate yourself. We have been told that if you hang out with motivated people this will help you to be motivated. Well I have found out that this really isn’t true. Hanging out with motivated people is good for a jump start but not for running the engine. You will eventually need to learn to run on your own fuel. Usually when we desperate from the motivated person we tend to conform back to¬† our old life style.

For everyone that needs motivation for this “recession????” I have listed a few of the motivational speakers that frequently listen to –

If you know of any more feel free to share

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  1. You have a very nice blog with valuable information. We all need a little motivation in these times and you have some good resources for it. Nice post and great blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ezekiel, I love the resources that you give us on this post, very useful and easy to get to. Thanks and I may be back to order or become an affiliate with the Tony Robbins package, of course I’d sign up under you. Thanks !

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