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Need A Different look At The Law Of Attraction

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John Assaraf describes the relationship between the Acorn through the Oak Tree and The Law of Attraction.

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  1. Great question, made me think lol. law of attoactirn does not work to loose anything, it’s to attract, to gain. So if you fill your life with light then the darkness has no place, if you fill your life with abundance, then poverty has no place. So you need to fill your life with great healthy. Get pictures of health meals and draw a picture of what you want to look like (it doesnt have to be a perfect drawing, you can even just sketch an outline of yourself, or even one of a spiral goddess. Then on the stomach right your desired weight. Everyday think, and visualize a healthier you. If you want, light a white candle (tea light, votive, pillar or whatever you have) and ask that as the candle burns down, so shall your weight diminish. You can burn this candle near that image you first drew. The LoA and the spell are complimentary pratices to excercising. Walk for at least 20 minutes a day. if you can do more, then better for you, perhaps a detox and avoidace of meat for a while. *note I am not a doctor and these are only suggestions from one dieter to another. Do ask your doctor if you have any concerns. Blessings and much luck,Shadow

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