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Last Post of the Year –

HomeFocusLast Post of the Year –

Hello everyone! Today I am thankful in everything that happened this year and as a ending post I want to share what I consider some of the hottest post I’ve created. If you are serious about changing your life or reaffirming some things that you have learned in the past check out these links.

Is it about mindset? You Decide
The Be Do Have Concept
The First Step to Success
John Assaraf – Another Great Video
What To Do In A Recession?
Have you Forgotten How to Dream?

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My name is Ezekiel Haynes and I am from the United States currently living in North Florida. The Reason for the Blog My reason for creating this blog is to share ideas that will encourage and also allow individuals like me to share concepts that have helped them become better individuals as they have faced challenges in their own business. Things I Love To Do Music Real Estate Technology

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  1. Ezekiel, I took the time and went through each and every one of your previous post. Some I remembered and some I had not read or listened to before. I still think my favorite is the 1950’s tape by Earle Nightingale was one I really enjoyed. But all of your post are on another level… on a 1-10 definitely a 10. Thanks for bringing us such inspirational post and viewings. Have a wonderful and prosperous New Year. Your friend jj

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