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Is The Secret A Hoax? Seriously?? – Part 1

HomeFocusIs The Secret A Hoax? Seriously?? – Part 1

What is the Secret? I’m sure by now everyone has an Idea of what it is. If not, it’s there is that you are basically attracting everything in your life. Amazingly this secret has been around since the beginning of time. Its known by people that achieve success. So is it a hoax? Well, there is one thing those that see or hear the secret fail to see.

You need MOVEMENT! Yes, MOVEMENT!  When we move we face walls or challenges, but they exist to help to develop us. The Bible says Faith without works (or movement) is dead. Another word for faith is persistence. The Proverb states “An aggressive man obtains wealth” and others refer to the diligent man being prosperous.

We have to move with the goals we have. I truly believe we all have the the ability to be wealthy; however, not all of us will become wealthy due to failure to take action.

What’s your take on this?

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