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Is The Secret A Hoax? Seriously?? – Part 2

HomeFocusIs The Secret A Hoax? Seriously?? – Part 2

This is a video by John Assaraf corresponding to the post i published yesterday. Enjoy!!

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My name is Ezekiel Haynes and I am from the United States currently living in North Florida. The Reason for the Blog My reason for creating this blog is to share ideas that will encourage and also allow individuals like me to share concepts that have helped them become better individuals as they have faced challenges in their own business. Things I Love To Do Music Real Estate Technology

2 thoughts on “Is The Secret A Hoax? Seriously?? – Part 2

  1. Hi Ezekiel, I enjoyed the videos, I always find it interesting that those who do not
    beleive in ‘The Secret’ call it dangerous and accuse the author and teachers of
    setting people up to fail. The Secret does not tell you not to take your medication
    if you are sick, in fact it encourages you too and I quote “let the doctors work on
    the illness and you work on you thoughts”.

    For me The Secret was the begining, the introduction to the Law of Attraction, but
    for me to master this law I needed more information, people need to take The Secret
    for what it is and stop trying to make it into something that it never claimed to be
    I.e. the cure for all troubles.

    Btw, Love your new design.

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