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How to Bookmark Effectively for Massive Free Web TrafficSocial bookmarking is another key element of Internet marketing and directing traffic to a particular website. It helps you guide more traffic towards your website. It allows your website to be indexed and more likely to be accessed by fellow Internet users, because it works in a way similar to the way that word of mouth works. It involves the recommendations of other Internet users about a particular website.

There are many kinds by social bookmarking services available – and each one works just a little bit differently or deals with a different type of content. For example, some social bookmarking websites follow blogs, others follow news stories. I have found social bookmarking to be tool for driving traffic to my site.  To find out more on “How to Social Bookmark” join my newsletter and i will send you a free copy of this ebook.  Once you read e book, send me a comment on what you thought about it.

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