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Have you Forgotten How to Dream?

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The Proverb says  “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life.’  Many of us have lost focus of or dreams.  Some lie dormant with no hopes of coming alive,  while others have been lost due to set backs in their lives.  Dreams are simply the life blood of our purpose and by losing this awareness, we tend to live life aimlessly.  When your hope is delayed, it’s usual because you haven’t seen any part of your dream come to past. The only remedy to this disappointment  is your dream coming to past. It doesn’t matter how many motivational speakers you listen to, if there isn’t any action put in place we tend to remain in the deferred state. Information without any action tends to add frustration to the problem.

Everything in this life is about taking a step.  From the time we are born, learning our first word, taking that first step were all forms of growth.  Growth is a very necessary ingredient in accomplishing our dreams and it doesn’t stop until we die.

If you have gotten to the place where you feel like you have learned all there is to learn in life, you might as well dig your grave and say good bye because you have deceived yourself. If you are living ,which i hope you are, you have to continue to grow.

One of the first things we have to do in order to accomplish our dreams is to refrain from telling your dreams to people that have no clue. These people will only attempt to destroy your dream.  It is a common behaviour for people to disagree with whats not in their world or comfortable to them. Second thing would be to write down your dreams. It doesn’t matter how big your dreams are because remember if it was something you could do today it wouldn’t require growth and if you didn’t grow you’re dying. The third thing would be to begin setting goals and completing them. We must learn to set short term goals in order to complete the big goal.  This in return gives you the comfidence to keep moving, because we need to see and feel progress.  These are simple steps but they really work!

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