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Does The Next President Really Matter?

HomeFocusDoes The Next President Really Matter?

Change.  The new buzzword.

This whole 2008 presidential election is focused on change.  Which candidate is serious about change, who really wants change, and what changes can we expect to happen?  We are looking for the presidential team  that can right all the past wrongs and put this nation back on the right track.

Impossible.  Well, maybe not impossible, but highly unlikely.

Why?  Because the change that you need, the kind that would benefit you the most, does not lie externally.  It is change that you must effect.  It is up to you to make quality decisions that change your life, whether it’s to save for the future, further your education, or just take more pride in your health and appearance.

But how is me looking, feeling, being better improving our nation?  Simply because we are a nation made up of people.  As we individually improve and become more fulfilled, we collectively become more productive and satisfied.

Change starts with one person’s idea.  Don’t think that you will benefit from the future president’s ideas for change when you won’t even support your own.

So my challenge is for you to take one thing, one small thing, that you’ve been wanting to change, and make it happen.  Clean out your junk drawer, contact an old friend, or change your car insurance carrier (not a plug for Geico 🙂 )    Make a change that you wanted to see HAPPEN.  And then revel in that feeling……AAHHH.

Ready?  Now go change YOUR world!

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4 thoughts on “Does The Next President Really Matter?

  1. Great writing, Zeke! It’s not too long, but it’s POWERFULLY POTENT!
    Love you man!
    Your sis for life and eternity~
    Merry Rachel :o)
    Give my love to Michelle and those beautiful babies!! :o)

  2. Hi Ezekiel, Great post about “Change” and we do need change in the U.S. right now. It wouldn’t hurt to have change in the world right now either. At first I thought you were going down the political road but then kind of put in another kind of change. I could use that kind of change also like maybe I will tackle that junk draw (how’d you know I had one of those? lol) or maybe I will get my watercolors out this weekend and step back from the laptop. Thanks for reminding us that we all could use and benefit from change!!

  3. Imagine if everyone in the world would change one thing about themselves or their own surrounding, just one thing. What an accomplishment that would be and the world be a better place. I agree lets not wait or blame on the “leaders”, we all can make a difference to our own world — that is what freedom is about.
    GREAT post and blog!

  4. ahhh… A non political – political blog post! I Like it! I stopped drinking Pop 22 days ago… doesn’t sound like much, but I was/am pretty addicted to the stuff! I just read we should also eat more purple and blue foods… Good advice too. 🙂

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