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Working On My Cd Reflections………..While learning The Art Of Letting Go?

HomeFocusWorking On My Cd Reflections………..While learning The Art Of Letting Go?

Hello everyone! My post are becoming few and far in between but for a good reason I suppose. I’m coming to the completion of my instrumental CD. This CD has been one of the walls in my life and I’ve really avoided releasing it. However in the last few years I’ve met so many wonderful people who’s either encouraged me by their lives or that have said a few kind words that has given me the will to take the next step. Well, I’m very close to being finish – September 25, 2009 to be exact. The art of letting go is easy said than done(at least for me)! The bottonline is its fear! Personally I wanted my album to be perfect but I’ve learned that there isn’t anything perfect according to our standards.  It is just a way of saying i don’t want or I’m afraid to let it go.   It could be a book, a poem, invention, a person, etc but it needs to be let go.  This is the reason –  we stagnate the growing process for both us as well as the thing or person that we should release. I remember reading something that goes like this(paraphrased a little) If you hold on to your life you will lose it – if you let go of your life you will gain. I personally believe that goes for everything. Its not an easy process but its is indeed necessary growth.  So whatever you’ve been holding on to hoping to getting it perfect, let it go.  This is not to be mistaken for excellence —

P.S. Welcome Back JJ!!

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4 thoughts on “Working On My Cd Reflections………..While learning The Art Of Letting Go?

  1. I have to agree it is hard to let go and it is an art to it. I believe with my last post it was a little of letting go and of having too many appointments & other matters to contend with. But somewhere maybe in my subconscious I had this feeling that if I wrote down the end or part 2 of my ordeal I was letting go and for some reason I wasn’t ready to let go of what happened to me for whatever reason. Was it fear? Or would I be saying I will forget what I went through… do I have to hang on to it for awhile longer to know it’s real? But I have finally let it go and I do believe that if you can let go you will grow. And isn’t growth what we humans strive for? I can only imagine what it would be like to be a musician and not feel that something of yours is ready for the world or you want to hang on to it for awhile longer. I’m into art and I do know when I’ve finished a painting I have a hard time letting it go it’s like a baby and you don’t want the world to see or hear it yet.I also have the fear can I do it again? But if I know you Ezekiel your music will be perfect for those of us who are listening to it… I’m glad you will be letting it go….. and thanks for the welcome back. jj

  2. Hey Zeke,
    I’ve been waiting for you to make a CD since high school. I loved your music. Of course, you know that only Christ was perfect, but it’s nice to see that you are striving for perfection. I’m really proud of you not only for pursuing your dreams, but for not allowing fear to control you. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Tim 1:7). You’re an inspiration to us all.

  3. Thank you JJ and Phenessa! Both of you are a great encourage to me! Both of you are the example of someone thats learned to persist in spite of diverse situations

  4. Hi Ezekiel, congrats on the Cd that’s really great. I just love to hear of people following their passions and not allowing fear to get in the way.

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