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Many that have succeeded know the concept “be do have”. This concept gives the understanding that in order to have something you have to do, but in order to do something you have to be.  The order is very important because if you can’t exercise the first, it make the second and third very hard.

 Losing weight, is thought of to be one of the hardest things to do.  This is mainly because of the being factor.  If you say to yourself “I’m going to lose weight!”  Then you start exercising, dieting, and basically doing the things we have learned to do to lose weight! But you don’t see yourself with the weight being eliminated, then usually you efforts are futile.  If in your dreams you are an over weight person, when you look in the mirror all you ever see is an over weight person, guess what you will remain? An over weight person! Its is very true you can only have what you can see!  If you can’t see yourself as a millionare then it will be hard to get or maintain that millionaire status.

Being is only part of the equation! In the world there are a lot of information addicts that never do, but they are quick to tell you what to do(side bar)! Once you grasp the idea that “I am perfectly in shape” or “I am a millionare” then, the doing has to come into play. Doing can at times, can be just as hard as being, due to fear and procrastination. 

An eastern mindset is you learn by doing not by sitting under some while they lecture you.  While I am a supporter of education, I believe the original idea of it has gotten out of hand.  Many of the text books that exist were written by those that did first, then they wrote about what they did.  To learn from someone else’s mistakes rather than you own is a wiser decision, but this is opposite of what most of us do.  We general listen to others experiences, do a little and give up. This stems from the being factor! We must begin doing or experimenting, so that we can create books that challenge the generations to come.

The next factor to discuss is having.  Having is what we all strive for on a daily bases.  However, in order to have we need to do and in order to do we need to be. But, there is a trick to this, you need to know what you want before you can do.  To only discover what you want is not enough.  One of the things I’ve had to get a clear picture on was what I’ve wanted.  Without this clarity, we tend to do things that really waste our time as well as others. This is funny, because not knowing what you want comes from us not being.  Because we don’t believe we deserve to have things or obtain a certain status, it effects what we do and what we have. So, in all we have to change how we feel about ourselves in order to do and have!

Prosperity is not on the outside, it starts on the inside then reflects or expresses its self outwardly!

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  1. wow…….. this is so healthy for me!!!!!!!!! thanks for sharing.
    …… the thought that sticks out the most for me is this….
    “Because we don’t believe we deserve to have things or obtain a certain status, it effects what we do and what we have. ”


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