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Are the choices we make affecting Anyone?

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I believe the choices that we make affect each other both directly and indirectly. Many times we live life carelessly thinking no one pays the price for what we did or did not do. In viewing life I tend to look at it from the prospective of a flow chart. Meaning, the decisions I make first does something to me then goes out to those that I influence. For instance our children, born or unborn are going to reap both the good and bad that we have sown. Many times we try to deny facing this but it becomes obvious when we glance back generations to see that we are doing so of the same things our relatives have done. Coincidence? I don’t think so!

Let take a quick glance a the apple tree to maybe clear up some things. When an apple seed is planted in the ground, its not just one seed so to speak but million upon millions. Once the seed has grown into a tree and produced fruit we understand that each apple has the potential to produce an infinite amount of tree’s or fruit. However, if something were to happen to the tree, it would directly affect the fruit. If one apple goes bad in can indirectly affect the other apples. Just like the apple seed we each have the same potential and its tied to a choice.

I believe that if someone receives an idea and says “Its just an idea someone else can do it” or “that’s to big to do! There no way I could possibly do that” indirectly affects everyone that would be connected to that idea. If Bill Gates did not move on the Idea’s he receive when starting Microsoft million of people would not have jobs, Idea’s that exist because of Microsoft’s influence would not be where they are today. I referenced Bill Gates, but there are a number of Companies or individuals we can look at and see the same thing. Including the one reading this blog! Business is not just making money, but its the ability to affect people. The ideas that we have in us, we are created to do them.

Many times we start off doing an idea and give up. Usually because of the fear of failure! When you actually look at it, failure is really an opinion (if you are still moving). The only time failure has any power is when we give up. If we view failure from the mindset we have developed, Thomas Edison was a failure. But we have electricity! One of the movies I would recommend watching would be “Meet the Robinson’s” because it promotes the understanding to keep moving no matter what.

This is a topic that can go for days so if you have any comments, feel free to leave them!

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  1. Yes I agree. This is great insight. You have inspired me to push forward with my projects and other ideas I have been pondering.

    Keep up the good thoughts Zeke.
    Elaine’s Cakes &catering Services

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