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I believe that everyone is uniquely made. No matter what situation you may have been given or accepted in life, when you were created, you were created perfected. But to re-gain that perfect state, we are required to seek out the one who created us. Once you find the door, you will be opened up to a kingdom with infinite possibilities.

I don’t believe that we just exist but that we are created for a specific purpose. And in that purpose we are in some way tied to every human existing! There are ideas in the different forms of media that are designed to distort our view of each other! And even causing us to distort the view that we have of our self! In order to love your neighbor you must first love yourself. And without loving your neighbor you can’t possibly love God! Hashem is truly God and love! We are simply a product of what we have heard or been taught and the habits that we have formed, will determine our future! If we want a better future we must change our habits. And the way to change your habits is to get instruction!

How many of us look forward to reading the instruction manuals that come with things we buy? I would dare to say not too many! Some of us usually look at the product and assume that its easy to put together, or we’ve seen something like this done before. And Sometimes it comes out looking like the box but normally It does not. Ironically the way we treat the products from various manufactures we tend to treat ourselves. I’m constantly reminded that I have never lived this life before. In front of me is a blank slate, so to speak. Well, the blank slate idea I have to analyze because, when a tree is created it knows exactly what it is suppose to do or be. When animals mate, eat, and just live, they know exactly how be what they are. We on the other hand try to recreate things from its original intention. And just like we’ve seen what happens when we tamper with nature, we are seeing the same thing in our circle. I believe that we’ve become so smart that we are absolutely dumb. I say this without any hesitancy! If nature has things to going a certain way, then why are we trying to defy its laws. I believe we’ve become so use to rebelling against the correct idea, that we have lost or have never had an idea of who or what we are. But look at this concept, if we were to look at a car trying to be a boat or a dog we would say “that’s out of order”, but we can’t see that about ourselves or each other.

I think the same way we are forced to go back to the instruction manual when we are putting together other products, we need to visit our manual as well as the manufacture to find out our purpose and design. Its not by coincidence that its the most popular book in the world!(At least I believe it still is)

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My name is Ezekiel Haynes and I am from the United States currently living in North Florida. The Reason for the Blog My reason for creating this blog is to share ideas that will encourage and also allow individuals like me to share concepts that have helped them become better individuals as they have faced challenges in their own business. Things I Love To Do Music Real Estate Technology

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